Friday, February 20, 2009

How to Make Cheap eBay Photo Studio

I recently moved into a new storage space to run my Internet businesses. I was very tempted to buy one of those portable eBay Photo Setups for $220.00+, but as I watched the stock market down another 150 for the 80th straight day I knew that I could make something just as good for about $180 less.

Here is an easy way to make a cheap (only in terms of expenses) eBay Photo Studio.

Supplies needed;
PVC Pipe (1/2") about 15 Feet
PVC Pipe Fittings 4-6
Clamp Lamps
Roll of White Background Paper
Garbage Bag Twist Ties
Daylight-Balanced Light Bulbs

Tape Measure

This is very easy to make:

Cut the PVC pipe in to 5 pcs.

(2 pcs. about 40", 2 about 30" each, 1 about 50")

Using the PVC fittings connect the pcs. to form a backdrop stand as shown below.

The two 30" pcs. will be the base and come out towards you, the two 40" pcs will be the legs that rise vertically from the table, the largest pc. will go horizontally across the top to hold the legs in place as well as hold the backdrop paper.

Once the stand is put together hang the backdrop paper from the PVC pipe going across by punching 3 holes (2 at the ends, 1 in the center) in the top of the paper and hang the paper from the pipe with garbage bag twist ties.

Finally place the clamp lamps on the PVC pipe as shown below.

Buy a tripod and a good Digital Camera and you are good to go. I use a Nikon Coolpix 4500. It's a great eBay camera due to the swivel design, makes it easy to take any shot. Great closeup shots as well. Get a used one on eBay for avg $150.00.

John Paul

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