Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thrift Store Item 2 Sell - Vintage 'The Game' College Hats

These hats were popular in the early '90s. They were made mostly with NCAA team names and NHL Hockey teams. I remember owning a few myself. Wow it's weird to think that someone born in 1990 will be 21 soon. Anyway, back to the point. The hat bin at the Thrift Store is usually pretty messy and you never bother looking through it because like me at first who would want to wear a used hat. But you will find some new hats in there. Check out these completed auctions for "The Game' hats.
Also keep an eye out for Vintage Sports teams hats in general The Oakland Raiders from the 1980s are excellent sellers.

Good Luck,

John Paul

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Woot Deal of the Day - July 8 2010

There is a good deal going on at Woot.com today.

You might want to take a chance buying this to re-sell on eBay or Amazon. Though not many results on eBay right now (and that can change after this woot deal) one did sell recently for $116.99 and that is also the lowest Buy It Now price currently listed. Meanwile on Amazon the cheapest is $110.00 on Amazon Marketplace, with Amazon itself selling it for $132.01

Good Luck

John Paul

Monday, July 5, 2010

Thrift Store Find - 6 Illy Collection Cups/Saucers

I know I typically post my thrift store finds after they have sold, but what the heck I might as well start posting some of them as I list them on eBay. A little added exposure couldn't hurt the auction. So here is a rare thrift store find that I think will do nicely on eBay.

Set of 6 Illy Collection Cups & Saucers. Check out the auction here

I tend to browse the miscellaneous section of the thrift store after I finish up with the clothes racks. I usually only spend a few minutes, but I think I am going to start paying alittle more attention to the miscellaneous goods. After all some of my best finds have been household items, like this fire-king mug.


Send me some of your household thrift store finds current (I will post the auction on my blog for some extra exposure) or past finds to help the readers add some items to there thrift store shopping list.

Good Luck,

John Paul

Thrift Store Find of the Month - June 2010

A.P.C. Jeans
Purchased for $5.99
Sold for $127.50

You would think these are impossible to find, but since I found this pair about a month ago I have come across 3 pairs from my local thrift store.

Good Luck

John Paul

Check out some of these eHow articles on selling jeans on eBay




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