Friday, September 30, 2011

Thrift Store Item 2 Sell - Vineyard Vines Polo Shirts

Here's another item that I have on my thrift store shopping list.

Vineyard Vines Polo Shirts are great sellers on eBay. They are easy to spot because of the bright pink tag on the inside collar and the whale logo on the chest area. Here is one of my recent completed auctions.

Check out the sell-through rate from Terapeak for 90 days of USED Vineyard Vines Polo Shirts.

Over 82%, that's amazing. And at an avg. price of $22.52 you know you are making a nice profit when you find one because it shouldn't cost more than $4.99 for one at a thrift store.

Good Luck

John Paul

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Get Those Ugly Christmas Sweaters Ready

I write about this every year, so start planning now if you want to make some extra money for the Holidays. The best way to make money on eBay during Christmas time is to know what the hot products will be for shoppers. It is usually a few new items every year. In 2008 it was the Nintendo Wii or the Snuggie Blanket. In 2009 it was the Zhu Zhu Pets. But there is one item that is searched for year after year on eBay and that is Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

The term ugly Christmas sweater is always one of the most popular on search engines during the Holiday season. Likewise those searches will lead people to eBay, to find the tackiest sweaters out there. Colorful green and red sweaters with Christmas themes like snowmen, reindeer and elf's will bring in top dollar on eBay. Why are these items so hot?

The main reason people buy these sweaters is to wear them to Holiday office parties. A lot of companies give prizes to the employee who shows up in the ugliest Christmas sweater.

So now is the time to look for them at thrift stores and gargae sales. Or even make them yourself. The uglier the better. Just find some gently used sweaters (cardigans are popular at thrift stores and red or green would be perfect) and add christmas items to the sweater. The sweaters that typically do the best have ornaments hanging off them, or light up. If you are creative and have the time you can make some good money. It's best to start listing these in November because Holiday parties can start in early December and if you wait longer then list them as Buy It Now.

Good Luck
John Paul

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Item 2 Look 4 - Collectible Lefton Mermaids

I sold a couple of Lefton Vintage Mermaids in September. As you can see below they did pretty well. So this is an item that you want to keep in mind next time you are at a garage sale or thrifting.

Here are my finds :

(click on the pictures to view the full auctions)

Not bad, but as you can see from this screen shot from Terapeak there is a lot more money to be made if you happen to be lucky enough to find the right Lefton Mermaids.

If you are not using Terapeak and are serious about eBay you should really sign up today. I sign on to Terapeak every morning even before I sign onto eBay.

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Good Luck
John Paul

Virtual Online Learning Monthly Blog Challenge

I am very excited to participate in the Blog Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to add 5 new blog posts today (September 30th 2011.) I took the summer off from blogging, but I am back now with a lot to share.

A little info about Virtual-Online-Learning (VOL).

VOL is run by Danna Crawford aka Power Selling Mom. If you are not familiar with Danna, then you should visit her main website Danna is everywhere you look when it comes to eBay. Danna is a member of the eBay Hall of Fame and has almost as many followers on Twitter as some Hollywood celebrities, so she must be doing something right. Click here to follow me on Twitter and help me catch up to Danna.

For a $99.99 LIFETIME membership fee you get so much information. So check it out and enjoy my posts today. As always your comments to my posts make this blog more interesting for everyone and keeps me going. Thank you for your support.

Monday, September 26, 2011

eBay Title Character Increase from 55 to 80

I was actually excited about an eBay udate for once when i read they were increasing the amount of characters in the title from 55 to 80. Then I started to look at my items in search fresults and they just look awful.

I did not realize that when eBay changed the title character limit from 55 to 80 that they would cut off the words when they show up in the search results. It looks really bad especially when some of the really important keywords in the title are the ones you can't see or even worse they are cut off so you only see a few letters of the actual word.

Oh well another thing that will waste more of my time. I will have to make sure that I stick to the 55 character limit, so my search results look normal.

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