Monday, January 25, 2010

Thrift Store Item 2 Sell - LL Bean Hunting Shoe Boots

Here is another great thrift store find, and I have had a lot of success this past month thrifting so stay tuned for some new items to add to your Thrift Store shopping list.

LL Bean Maine Hunting Shoes/Boots

Here is some interesting info to get started.

This is taken from

L.L.Bean was founded in 1912 by avid hunter and fisherman Leon Leonwood Bean in Greenwood, Maine, who had developed a waterproof boot (a combination of lightweight leather uppers and rubber bottoms) that he sold to hunters. He obtained a list of nonresident Maine hunting license holders, prepared a descriptive mail order circular, set up a shop in his brother's basement in Freeport, Maine, and started a nationwide mail order business. By 1912, he was selling the "Bean Boot," or Maine Hunting Shoe, through a four-page mail-order catalog, and the boot remains a staple of the company's outdoor image.

These boots are good sellers on eBay.

I purchased this pair for $6.99

Sold for $98.99 total profit after fees $85.76....

Here is another pair, not an insane profit like the last pair but still for a $5.00 purchase not too bad for a pair of used shoes.

I have found 3 pairs in the last few months and the amount of auction visits and watchers are very high which is also great for exposure for your other current auctions.

Good Luck

John Paul

Source for eBay Inventory -

OK, this will take some work on your part, but there are deals to be had on the Saks Fifth Avenue website. I would not spend a whole lot of time on this, but if you browse the Sale section you can occasionally find some good deals. Keep reading and I will show you one of the deals that I found, I will also give you an item that is not on sale that you can resell on eBay right now.

Here is my purchase of a Saks San Francisco Snow Globe for $20.00

I sold the item on eBay for $75.00 Buy It Now within a couple of days of listing it.

A nice little profit especially since I used eBates for 5% cash back and qualified for free shipping.

If you go to the Saks website right now the New York City Snow Globe is up for $40.00. This item should go for at least $70.00 on eBay. Click here for eBay Research to check completed items since a NY Globe has not sold in the past 30 days, so you won't find it on eBay. I know one sold a couple of months ago for $70.00 + and I have had an eBay overseas buyer e-mail me asking if I had one to sell.

You can check the Saks website daily for new sales. Items by Eileen Fisher, Juicy Couture and UGG are good sellers on eBay.

John Paul

Friday, January 8, 2010

Reselling Abercrombie, Hollister & American Eagle T-Shirts in Lots

Add this to your list of ideas for trying to make a profit reselling thrift store items one Bay. I have just started trying this one out and will keep you posted on the results.

Things to Remember
  • only buy t-shirts for $2.00 or less, half-price days are your best bet.
  • sell in lots of 3-5 shirts in similar sizes.
  • start the auction off low (.99) with No Reserve
  • subscribe to my e-mail mailing list to stay updated on more thrift store ideas

For some reason the voice in the video does not sound like me, so I have to work on fixing that.

Good Luck

John Paul

Monday, January 4, 2010

Post Office Rate Change - Jan. 04 2010

Don't forget the new Postal Rates take effect today. Here is a link to the rate changes.

It is now more important than ever to ship smarter or you will find yourself losing potential buyers if your shipping costs are too high. I am going to start posting Shipping Tips to help keep your shipping costs down and then you can pass those savings off to your buyers.

Shipping Tip #1
-It is very important to use Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes

Shipping a pair of jeans from NY to the West Coast will now cost around $10.00 if you use Priority mail. Even more to AK or HI. Use a Flat Rate envelope and ship them for $4.90. If you print your own labels online you will even get a slight discount off that $4.90. This applies to other items besides jeans. If it fits in the envelope and the envelope is fully sealed then you can ship it in a Flat Rate envelope. Men's Jeans and bigger sized women's jeans are tough to fit so make sure you know for sure before you start your auction. You don't want to find out as you are packing your jeans that you only charged $4.90 to the buyer who lives across the country and they are too big for the envelope. That would be a big hit to your eBay profits...

John Paul

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thrift Store Find of the Month Dec 2009

These ski pants were one of those items that I had to use my cell phone to research before buying. Purchased on a half price day for $4.00 It just goes to show you that their are endless possibilities while thrifting. I found these on the rack with sweatpants, not usually a thrift store hot spot.

Keep an eye out for these brands while searching for ski pants

John Paul

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