Monday, December 29, 2008

Rite Aid After Christmas Deals = Big eBay Money

After reading the latest version of the eBay Selling Coach Hot List I started my search this morning to see if I could find any of the "Hot Items" on the list to resell on eBay. I found 1 item on the list and came across some Holiday Seasonal items not on the list that will make you a nice profit on eBay. Most of the items (listed below) I found at Rite Aid. Living in the NYC area I am never more than 5 minutes away from a Rite Aid. I probably went to 15 different Rite Aids in 3 hours this morning ( I am waiting for the credit card company to call and ask what is wrong with me) and found these items to resell on eBay.
Act Fast On These Items. They will not be re-stocked until next Christmas..

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A Christmas Story Merchandise (marked down 50-75% at Rite Aid's after Christmas Sale)

Here are a few of the items:

-A Christmas Story 20" Leg Lamp (I purchased 8 @ $12.99/each) avg. eBay selling price $41.25

-A Christmas Story Licensed Board Game (purchased 8 @ $9.99/each) avg. eBay selling price $25.08

-A Christmas Story Tea Light Candle Holder (purchased 4 @ $4.99/each) avg selling price on eBay is $18.79

These items are still selling on eBay even after Christmas. If you can hold on to these items until Next Christmas Shopping Season, you might be able to make a higher profit.

Friday, December 19, 2008

eBay Needs a New System

This feedback system is starting to get to me. I am getting tired of worrying about every little thing because I have no say. I think after 8+ years and a feedback score of 1742 with no negatives I've earned the right to be a trusted seller and to rate other eBay buyers who have a feedback score of 1.

4 non paying bidders in November.

7 so far in December.
and what really just got me is someone telling me that the shipping costs seem a little steep I need to lower them.
  • a) you knew the shipping costs before you went and outbid other buyers.
  • b) it is the actual shipping cost charged by USPS, how the heck do you want me to lower them.
So you say I can request my Final Value Fee back. What does that do for me when the item is a consignment item and my customer is asking me how is it possible to buy something and not pay. Yeah I am sure they want to give me more stuff after they hear that. Cmon eBay... I think I will try that this weekend. I will go to Best Buy and try to buy something, but tell them I will think about paying.

How about eBay gives there own negative comment to every buyer who doesn't pay for there auction.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Shipping Supplies...

Probably every body's least favorite, but one of the most important aspects of an eBay business is SHIPPING. Here's the list of suppliers that I use for my shipping needs. Anybody who knows of any cheaper options (not quality wise) let me know and I'll thank you somehow. I am sure eBay has some better deals, post them here!!!!!

Of course for Priority Mail I use the free USPS boxes and print my own postage online. There are many options for this. I use Endicia Premium $15.95/month 30 days free trail. I would get so frustrated when I had to wait online at the post office, especially my local branch which I won't list here, but I believe might be one of the worst in the U.S. We'll save some bad Post Office Stories for another time & another post. I couldn't imagine waiting online anymore especially on a day like today, the busiest shipping day of the year.

Boxes (non USPS)

  • Uline has every size available and will have them delivered the next day if you order by 6pm. So far so good with them.

Packaging Tape

Bubble Wrap

  • Staples Brand 3/16-inch 12 in x 200 ft rolls. $19.99 each. Perforated every 12" perfect for my Car Hats.

Packaging Paper

  • Staples Packing Paper, 25-lb. Box - Approx. 400 Sheets $29.99. I love this stuff, I use it to wrap everything, plus it's made from 100% recycled paper.

****NO, I don't work for Staples.****

Shipping Labels

  • I get my shipping labels off eBay. My favorite seller is selldog1234. Good deals & fast shipping.

Postage Scale

BTW... how sweet does that packaging station up top look to us eBay sellers. I'm thinking about it.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

eBay Daily Deals

I am not 100% sure how long these daily deals are running for on eBay, but I like it. I purchased the Sony BDP-S550 Blu-ray Player the other day. $229.00 and free shipping. These are still selling for $330.00-$348.95 on eBay. I am kicking myself for not buying a few. I listed the one I purchased on Craigslist and have a few offers of $325.00 cash. Not a bad little profit for sitting in my pajamas and browsing eBay.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Anybody Looking to sell Ugly Christmas Sweaters?

Ugly Christmas Sweaters are hot on the internet this time of the year. Google has put together a site with the most searched for Holiday Gifts for 2009. Though Ugly Christmas Sweater is not the #1 most searched item, it's up there. On top of the list is the Nintendo Wii. It is amazing, 2 years after it was released that it is still so Hotttttt!!!! This Black Friday on eBay it was the most searched item with 3,171 Wii systems sold at an average of $100.00 above retail price. That's a lot of Mario Coins going around. Nintendo overall has 3 of the top 5 searched items on Google. The Wii, Wii Fit and Nintendo DS.

Monday, December 1, 2008

asap-sells-it Hot Deal Of The Month

Hot deal for the month of December. Ferrari Black Baseball Hat only $9.99 + s/h. Price good until dec. 31st 2008.

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