Monday, December 15, 2008

Shipping Supplies...

Probably every body's least favorite, but one of the most important aspects of an eBay business is SHIPPING. Here's the list of suppliers that I use for my shipping needs. Anybody who knows of any cheaper options (not quality wise) let me know and I'll thank you somehow. I am sure eBay has some better deals, post them here!!!!!

Of course for Priority Mail I use the free USPS boxes and print my own postage online. There are many options for this. I use Endicia Premium $15.95/month 30 days free trail. I would get so frustrated when I had to wait online at the post office, especially my local branch which I won't list here, but I believe might be one of the worst in the U.S. We'll save some bad Post Office Stories for another time & another post. I couldn't imagine waiting online anymore especially on a day like today, the busiest shipping day of the year.

Boxes (non USPS)

  • Uline has every size available and will have them delivered the next day if you order by 6pm. So far so good with them.

Packaging Tape

Bubble Wrap

  • Staples Brand 3/16-inch 12 in x 200 ft rolls. $19.99 each. Perforated every 12" perfect for my Car Hats.

Packaging Paper

  • Staples Packing Paper, 25-lb. Box - Approx. 400 Sheets $29.99. I love this stuff, I use it to wrap everything, plus it's made from 100% recycled paper.

****NO, I don't work for Staples.****

Shipping Labels

  • I get my shipping labels off eBay. My favorite seller is selldog1234. Good deals & fast shipping.

Postage Scale

BTW... how sweet does that packaging station up top look to us eBay sellers. I'm thinking about it.

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