Friday, August 7, 2009

Lucky Brand Jeans - Which Ones Should I Buy At Thrift Stores?

Lucky Brand Jeans are probably the most common of the higher end brands that you will see while thrifting. (I'm not counting Gap, J Crew, and Bananna Republic)
I have purchased many a pair of Lucky Brand Jeans to resell on eBay and have had my ups and downs. At first I would not pass on a pair unless it was damaged, but now I only buy certain pairs.

Here is my list of Lucky Brand Jeans that I think are worth buying. Of course there are other pairs that might sell well, but these are the ones I focus in on.
  • "Lil Maggie" Style (check the bottom of the inside tag to see style names)
  • Women's Sizes 14/32, 16/33 & 18/34
  • Men's Sizes 36 and Up (the bigger the better)
  • Lucky Brand Maternity Jeans (Hard To Find)

Another Tip: Stay away from Black Lucky Brand Jeans. They always seem to disappoint on eBay.

Good Luck and post your Lucky Brand Findings.

John Paul

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Video- How to Make a Bubble Wrap Dispenser for eBay Shipping

Ok so I might not be the next Home Improvement TV Star, but the dispenser does the job.

John Paul

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