Friday, May 29, 2009

Auctiva is No Longer Free Starting in July

eBay auction software company Auctiva will no longer offer it's free auction management services starting in July. I currently use Auctiva, but will have to look elsewhere at the end of June. I think the fees are a little too high. I can understand a monthly fee, but when they start charging fees per listing as well it just becomes too much money for a small business. eBay and PayPal fees are already enough for me.

Here are the 5 different Auctiva pricing plans
  • High-Volume Seller

$24.95 month, 1.75% transaction fee, no listing fee, (max fees $250.00/month)

  • Professional Seller

$34.95 month, $.12 listing fee, no transaction fee, (max fees $250.00/month)

  • Big-Ticket Seller

$14.95/month, $.22 listing fee, no transaction fees

  • Part-Time Seller

$9.95/month, $.06 listing fees, 1.00% transaction fees

  • No Monthly Fee Plan

no monthly fee, $.12 listing fee, 1.25% transaction fees

I would like to hear what services other eBayers use as I look for a new one. Post in the comments section. I really only know of The Seller Sourcebook which is $8.00/month. That is probably the front runner right now, but I will check into other options before July.

John Paul


Monday, May 18, 2009

Thrift Store Item - Vintage Sports T-Shirts

Vintage Professional Sports T-Shirts are great Thrift Store Finds to resell on eBay. As summer approaches everybody wants to look cool in their tight fitting retro tees. T-Shirts usually sell between .99-$2.99 at thrift stores and if you go on half price days JACKPOT!!!!!

Look for vintage team logo shirts and character shirts (jordan, griffey, larry bird, etc.) Championship shirts (for example 1986 Mets, 1991 Bulls) are great sellers.

***You have to be careful with t-shirts, if the material is thin make sure the staples that hold the price tag on the shirt did not cause a hole*** Sometimes it is hard to tell until you get home but it is worth the risk.

As with all thrift store items especially t-shirts check them over 2-3 times before you buy. Check under the arm pits and near the neck for rips.

Check out some of these completed listings. And remember if you find some great vintage sports shirts let me know so I can post about your finds and I will take 50% of all profits for the tip. Just Kidding.

John Paul

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Wholesale Site of the Month ~ May 2009 ~

Each month I will feature a new wholesale site for quality merchandise to resell on eBay.

The wholesale site of the month for May 2009 is

Trevco sells licensed apparel for lines such as Batman, Superman, and Star Trek. Keyword here being Star Trek.
Did you hear the opening Box Office record numbers for Star Trek this past weekend. Star Trek is hot and Trevco has a great line of Star Trek Licensed T-Shirts with over 100 different Star Trek styles alone. The Star Trek uniform shirt as shown below is a safe bet. As always due your e-bay research by checking out past auctions or even better use Terapeak Price Report.

Good Luck

John Paul

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Item to Buy on eBay - $15 UPS Coupon from Staples

Here's a good item to buy on eBay if you ship packages using UPS.

Members of the Staples Reward Premier Program (those who spend over $1,000/year at Staples) recently received 1 Free UPS Shipping Coupon up to $15.00 in the mail. Of course they are showing up on eBay. This is a great deal if you use them for some of your heavier UPS packages. They are selling for around $5.00 on eBay usually with Free Shipping or $1.00 shipping at most. So if you have something that costs over $10.00 to ship you can make a few extra bucks on your shipping costs. Or you can offer free Shipping on a heavier item and drive more traffic to your eBay Listing.
The coupon doesn'texpire until 12/31/09 so you have plenty of time to use them.

John Paul

Monday, May 4, 2009

Win a $25.00 eBay Gift Card

$25.00 eBay Gift Card GiveawayThe good people over at want you to win a $25.00 eBay Gift Card.

To enter, just leave your e-mail address in the comment section below.

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  • Follow my blog (1 extra entry)
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(newsletter is only sent out 1 or 2 times a month so don't worry about it filling up your inbox)

So that's a total of up to 9 entries. Contest closes on Sunday May 17th @ 11pm pacific time. Winner will be choosen by and posted to this blog on Mon. May 18th.

Be sure to leave a comment for each extra that you do. Don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win!

If you want to earn some real money and you live in the New York City area or know of somebody who does visit our Referral Program.

Good Luck,

John Paul

Thrift Store Item - Baseball Jerseys

Baseball Jerseys are good sellers on eBay, especially vintage baseball jerseys in used condition. Anyone can go to a local sporting goods store or shop online and get a new jersey of there favorite team. But people want to look cool and stand out at games by wearing a different jersey than everyone else that shows support for there team.

Your local thrift shop is a great place to find these. Not only do you have the advantage of selling to someone in your area who doesn't want to go looking at thrift stores for items you also have the advantage of selling the Jersey worldwide. Someone living in New York can easily get a new style jersey of there favorite California team by shopping online, but to find a rare vintage style jersey they will turn to eBay. You living in California have the advantage of local merchandise like team jerseys at your local thrift store. Living in New York they will probably find plenty of Mets and Yankees jerseys, but if they support another team they will turn to eBay.

Check out some of these closed listing of used Jerseys, some even have stains on the jersey, so they are not in perfect used condition and they still did well. The bigger the size the better, and popular teams like the Cubs and Red Sox are always good sellers.

Good Luck,
John Paul

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