Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Item to Buy on eBay - $15 UPS Coupon from Staples

Here's a good item to buy on eBay if you ship packages using UPS.

Members of the Staples Reward Premier Program (those who spend over $1,000/year at Staples) recently received 1 Free UPS Shipping Coupon up to $15.00 in the mail. Of course they are showing up on eBay. This is a great deal if you use them for some of your heavier UPS packages. They are selling for around $5.00 on eBay usually with Free Shipping or $1.00 shipping at most. So if you have something that costs over $10.00 to ship you can make a few extra bucks on your shipping costs. Or you can offer free Shipping on a heavier item and drive more traffic to your eBay Listing.
The coupon doesn'texpire until 12/31/09 so you have plenty of time to use them.

John Paul

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