Monday, November 30, 2009

Thrift Store Item 2 Sell - Men's Flannel Shirts

This is the perfect time of the year to sell used flannel shirts on eBay. Flannel shirts are not only for the rugged outdoors man anymore, they are also seen on all the trendy people.

Here are the more common brands that you might find at your local thrift store that are worth buying.

  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • J Crew
  • LL Bean
  • Pendleton (very good sellers even if slightly flawed)

Here are two of my most recent completed flannel auctions. I purchased both of these shirts on half price days at the thrift store for $2.50 each.

Good Luck

John Paul

Cyber Monday Deals

I hope you are taking advantage of those Cyber Monday deals. Don't forget before you start buying online to sign up at Big Crumbs below to earn money back on all of your online purchases including eBay.

Check out this article for some helpful advice on what to sell on eBay during the holidays.

John Paul

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Win a Zhu Zhu Pet - Pipsqueak

Here is your chance to win the Hottest Toy of the 2009 Holiday season. I know I am in the business of selling on eBay and this is one of the hottest items selling on eBay, but I decided to give away my last Zhu Zhu Pet. The hamster is New In Box. Hopefully it will find a good home and make that little one in your life happy. But if you win and decide to sell it on eBay you will receive it in time to do that.

To enter, just leave your e-mail address in the comment section below.

***For extra entries do any of the following:***

  • Follow my blog (1 extra entry)
  • Post about the Giveaway on your blog (1 extra entry)
  • Post On Twitter (1 extra entry)
  • Subscribe to my mailing list to the right of the page (3 extra entries)
    (e-mails are only sent out 1 or 2 times a month so don't worry about it filling up your inbox)

So that's a total of up to 7 entries. Contest closes on Sunday Dec. 6th @ 11pm pacific time. Winner will be choosen by and posted to this blog on Mon. Dec. 7th. Be sure to leave a comment for each extra that you do. Open to residents in the USA only. Don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win!

If you want to earn some real money and you live in the New York City area or know of somebody who does visit our Referral Program.

Good Luck

John Paul

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thrift Store Item 2 Sell - Marmot Ski Clothing

This is the time of year that ski slopes in the Northeast begin their season. So as an eBay seller it is also the perfect time to look for ski clothing to resell on eBay. One the more common brands that I have seen is from a company called Marmot. If you are like me you have probably never heard of them before, so now you know to keep an eye out for them. Also check around for other ski clothing and equipment at your local thrift store.

Here are a couple of my recent completed items that I found at my local Thrift Store. I only like to post my own completed auctions to back up my information.
Jacket was purchased for $6.99 and the pants for $3.99. Not a bad little profit to help me out with expenses around the Holiday season.

Good Luck
John Paul

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thrift Store Find of the Month Oct. 2009

It doesn't get any better than this. October was a very good thrift month. This barely beat out:

I purchased this set of plates for $2.99 each. Not too bad. Send and e-mail to to sign up for my mailing list. There are many eBay sites out there with lots of information, but I back up all my information with my own actual listings not average prices of items sold on eBay, that is very misleading.

John Paul

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hold on to your Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters

OK, if you are lucky enough to have some Zhu Zhu Hamsters HOLD ON TO THEM. Last week you could use the Buy It Now feature on eBay for a set of 4 for $79.99. Now the cheapest one listed is for $123.99 and they are selling fast at that price. Here is another reason you might want to wait to list them on eBay.

Starting Nov. 16th most of the Zhu Zhu pets sold on Amazon will not be up there which will drive the demand up and turn more buyers to eBay. Here is the part of the e-mail that I received from Amazon where I sold most of the Zhu Zhu hamsters that I had. I bet most people selling the Zhu Zhu hamsters are small sellers and do not meet these requirements.
  • Merchant’s first sale on must be prior to 09/16/2009 (sale does not need to be Toy-specific)
  • Merchant must have processed and shipped at least 25 orders (do not need to be Toy-specific) during the 60 consecutive days preceding 11/1/2009
  • No greater than 1% short term defect rate as of 11/1/2009
  • No greater than 2.5% pre-fulfillment cancel rate for the trailing 30-days preceding 11/1/200(
  • No greater than 5% late shipment rate for the trailing 30-days preceding 11/1/2009:

Last Friday my local Toys R Us store was stacked with them and all the accessories, then they were told to take them down and only sell 1 hamster per person to the first 50 people on Saturday. I don't get it, they change up every week and each store is different with there policies. But if you can find them now, you might want to wait a while before you list them on eBay.
Here is a helpful article about what to sell on eBay around Christmas time.

Good Luck
John Paul

Find Out What eBay Buyers Really Want

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Review - Pocket Auctions for eBay App - Android

If you are a serious eBay seller and in the market for a new cell phone, I will give you some advice, consider it an early Christmas gift. Go buy the new Motorola Droid and download the Pocket Auctions for eBay application by Bonfire Media. You can also download this on any other phone running Android.

This is a must have when you are out shopping or thrifting for items to resell on eBay. Here are some of the highlights.

  • The speed is amazing, it runs faster than my home computer

  • You do not have to sign in to run a completed items search

  • There is a scan bar to price check items (more information below)

That's right a bar code scanner. Here's how it works: Just hold the phone up to the bar code on any product and it will pull up the product on eBay. You can compare prices and see if it is worth buying to make a profit. Trust me once yo start using it you will start scanning things all around the house for fun.

I have only had this application for one day and already it made my thrift store shopping experience so much easier. I was able to get a lot more done during my time then in the past when it would take me minutes to research an item, now it takes seconds.

Here are a few eHow articles below to help you learn about thrift store items to sell on eBay and stayed tuned for the release of my first thrift store eBook in early December. It will be a must read if you want to make some extra money selling on eBay. I will back up everything with my own completed auctions to prove that there is good money to be made reselling thrift store items on eBay.

Good Luck

John Paul

How to buy Thrift Store T-shirts

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

eBay Photos - Cameras

One of the most important factors in determining the outcome of your eBay auction is how your photos look to potential bidders. I think it is best to have a separate camera just for eBay, it just makes life much easier. If you want to spend a lot of money on a digital camera use that camera as your personal camera. You do not need to spend a lot on a digital camera for eBay use. My recommendation is the Nikon Coolpix 4500. I love this camera. The key feature is the swiveling frame, which makes taking a shot at any angle very easy. The close up photos which are very important come out excellent. The Nikon Coolpix 4500 used on eBay can be purchased for around $150.00 with extras included. If you have any other eBay camera suggestions feel free to post and let us know what you like about it.

John Paul

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thrift Store Item 2 Sell - Vintage IZOD Lacoste Sweaters

Vintage IZOD Lacoste Sweaters are excellent thrift store finds. Very popular in he late 70s & early 80s. Now they have become trendy and do very well on eBay. The tennis sweater and the cardigan pictured below are the most popular styles.
Here is the latest Vintage IZOD Lacoste Cardigan that I sold on eBay. Not a bad profit for an item purchased for $3.99. I have sold others for as high as $40.00, this is just the most recent example.

Good Luck,

John Paul

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