Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thrift Store Item - Reyn Spooner Hawaiian Shirts

Reyn Spooner Hawaiian Shirts retail for $65.00 and up. I have found these at Thrift Stores and they are excellent sellers on eBay in used condition. Throughout the years the company has had some really cool designs such as Disney, MLB teams, and Elvis Hawaiian Shirts. If you find these at the thrift store chances are they won't be more than $4.99. Check out below for some eBay recent completed listings and the high prices these shirts have sold for in used condition. As with most men's shirts the bigger the size usually the more it will go for on eBay. XL and up usually sell the best.

John Paul

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Charity Auction - Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera Case

OK I know it seems like a small amount, but every Tuesday night I am going to list a new auction with 100% of the proceeds donated to charity. Hopefully the auctions will add up. My goal is to raise at least $500.00 before the end of 2009 through eBay auctions with all the donations going to different animal charities.

I am a huge wildlife / animal lover and proud vegetarian so even in these rough economic times I still try and help out those without a voice even if it is a small amount. There is just so much animal cruelty in this world and I can not understand what is wrong with people.

The proceeds from this auction will benefit Pit Bull Rescue Central

Pit Bull Rescue Central (PBRC) will: Help relieve suffering of and prevent cruelty to dogs identified as pit bulls and mixes thereof, through the public dissemination of educational information. Help reduce the number of homeless pit bulls and mixes thereof, through the public dissemination of educational information. Facilitate the rescue and placement of homeless dogs identified primarily as pit bulls and mixes thereof, into responsible homes.

So if you can help with a bid that would be great, if not this time check back every Wednesday and I will list a new auction and maybe you will find something you like.

Thank you,

John Paul & Zorro

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Walgreens Free Go Green Reusable Bag + 15% off Coupon

Click here to download a coupon for a Free reusable Go Green shopping bag plus a 15% off Walgreen coupon. Valid on Wednesday April 22nd ONLY.
While there check out the Walgreens clearance section for some items to maybe resell on eBay.

John Paul

15¢ Auction Style Insertion Fees ** April 21 ** 1 Day Only

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From eBay:
On April 21, 2009, sellers who list Auction-style item(s) and have a 12 month Detailed Seller Rating of 4.5 or higher on all criteria, will pay just 15¢ Insertion Fees per item listed. New sellers who don't yet have DSR ratings are also eligible. DSR rating criteria for this promotion will be based on the previous 12 months.

Every little bit helps especially if you have some expensive items to list. Savings up to 97% off eBay's listing fees. No matter what the starting price is the fee is still .15¢

John Paul

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