Thursday, December 31, 2009


Wishing everybody a great 2010. I had a couple of excellent thrift store shopping days this week. Check out the picture below. All items will be listed Sunday night and I will post an update on the completed listings so you can add some new items to your thrift store shopping list. What are your eBay goals for 2010? Post them in the comment section and maybe someone will have some advice to help you achieve them. Here are some of my goals for 2010:
  • Sell at least 1500 thrift store items.
  • get 2-3 new consignment customers a week.
  • write at least 1 ebook every 2 months.
  • make this blog one of best and most helpful eBay blogs out there.

John Paul

Monday, December 28, 2009


Here is a unique auction. A woman in England is selling 8 unopened Christmas Gifts from her ex-boyfriend. Looks like they broke up on December 22nd and she is auctioning off the unwanted gifts instead of keeping them. This is also great for advertising. Over 3200 visits to her auction so far.

John Paul

A Couple of Good Daily Deals Today

Over at

Gyration 2.4GHz Air Mouse with MotionSense
+ $5 shipping
1 $20 Mail in Rebate Offer

So you are really paying $14.99 each, check out the completeted eBay auctions and you can make a nice profit. Price range for the last 30 days $53.00-$64.99.

At the watch section

Lucien Piccard Skeleton Watch
+ $4.99 shipping
your total $69.98

A few have sold on eBay for $148.00 Check out the completed items for the last 30 days.

Good Luck

John Paul

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas from Vitamin eBay

Thank you for visiting my blog. Wishing you and your family a joyous holiday season. Enjoy a few days off and then let's get ready to make some serious money on eBay in 2010.
John Paul

Monday, December 21, 2009

Thrift Store Item 2 Sell - Vintage Gold's Gym Clothing

You won't find these every time you step foot into a thrift store, but every once in a while you will come across Gold's Gym clothing. Snatch it up because in my experience they are very good eBay sellers. Here are two of my completed auctions.

Reselling thrift store items is 2nd on my eBay money making list right behind selling consignment items. I am amazed at the success I have had in the last year seeing some of the final auction prices of these items that cost me between $1.99-$5.99.

Here is a full list of thrift store items listed on this blog so far to resell on eBay

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John Paul

Friday, December 18, 2009

Gold-Level Powerseller

After spending the majority of my eBay career as a Bronze/Silver Level PowerSeller, I almost went blind when I logged into my eBay account and saw the shiny Gold-Level PowerSeller on my dashboard. Bling Bling...
Nice to see and to motivate me to stay at Gold for 2010. I hope everyone starts to think about their eBay goals for 2010. Write them down and post them above your computer so you see them every morning. Make an eBay schedule and stick to it. That should be your #1 New Years eBay Resolution.
John Paul

Thrift Store Items 2 Sell - Christmas Collectibles

If you have been out thrifting lately you might have noticed a lot of Christmas related items for sale. You will find some good items if you look through all the items and have a little patience. A good cell phone with eBay software helps out greatly. Good thrift finds are Inflatable lawn decorations, Hallmark ornaments (with box) and Department 56 Village Houses (with box).

Here is a recent example of one of my completed Christmas Thrift Store Finds.

I purchased the candle holder for $5.99 and listed it as a Buy It Now for $39.99 which is a great option around the holidays. I find people shopping on eBay are more free with their money around the Holidays. They don't want to be outbid at the last second. This same item from a different seller went unsold at auction for $9.99.
Good Luck
John Paul

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

eBay up for Auction - 2 Night Stay at A Christmas Story House

I caught this a little late but this you can win a 2 night stay in the actual house that A Christmas Story was filmed back in 1983. Here is the auction

A Christmas Story items are hot sellers around the holidays especially replicas of the leg lamp from the movie. Keep an eye out for markdowns of these items right before and after Christmas. You can resell these items on eBay throughout the year. I have done this with great success in years past.

John Paul

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thrift Store Find of the Month Nov. 2009

Each month I will post my best thrift store find. And that item for the month of November 2009 is:

Cycling jerseys are excellent sellers on eBay, especially Internationally. Whenever you see one in good shape don't hesitate to buy it. I purchased this for $2.99 and after eBay/Paypal fees my profit was around $68.00 dollars.

Good Luck

John Paul

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Deal of the Day Website for the Month of December '09

There are thousands of websites that offer daily deals usually half off the actual retail price (I sound like Drew Carey on the Price is Right). You probably know the most popular site which is ***I have never really made a great sale on eBay buying from Woot, I usually sell items on Amazon for a better profit.***
Most of the time if you compare the deal from these websites with what it is selling for on eBay it's not really worth it especially after the eBay fees are taken out. But I have found some really good deals out there. From now on 1-2 times a month I will showcase a new site that might be worth checking out if you want to make some extra money selling the product on eBay. So you won't have to waste hours checking every site you might want to narrow them down to the ones I feature every month.

Here goes:

Just check out today's deal.

Motorola Droid Charging Dock for $15.99 plus $5.00 flat shipping.
This is a great deal. In case you don' know by now the Droid is hot. I have one and I LOVE it. These Charging Docks are selling for up to $59.99 on eBay. I would say the avg. selling price is closer to $49.99, but they are selling. Not many unsold auctions. Check out the completed items here.
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John Paul
Search & Win

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I am Giving Away $10.00 Amazon Gift Cards

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So you want a $10.00 Amazon gift card? All you have to do is sign up for and refer me. Once you have been accepted as a writer, I will send you a $10.00 Amazon gift card.

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Even if you don't write much for Examiner you still geta $10.00 gift card out of the deal.

Thank you,

John Paul

NY eBay examiner

asap-sells-Vintage Star Wars/Star Trek

I just received a large group of Rare Vintage Star Wars and Star Trek Collectibles from a client. So if you are looking for some rare vintage items in time for Christmas check out my listings.

Star Wars/Star Trek Collectibles

John Paul

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