Monday, December 28, 2009

A Couple of Good Daily Deals Today

Over at

Gyration 2.4GHz Air Mouse with MotionSense
+ $5 shipping
1 $20 Mail in Rebate Offer

So you are really paying $14.99 each, check out the completeted eBay auctions and you can make a nice profit. Price range for the last 30 days $53.00-$64.99.

At the watch section

Lucien Piccard Skeleton Watch
+ $4.99 shipping
your total $69.98

A few have sold on eBay for $148.00 Check out the completed items for the last 30 days.

Good Luck

John Paul


Russell said...

great post! picked up a couple mice (or is it mouse-es) lol

John Paul - Vitamin eBay said...

Yeah, I picked up a couple as well. Good Luck.

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