Monday, May 18, 2009

Thrift Store Item - Vintage Sports T-Shirts

Vintage Professional Sports T-Shirts are great Thrift Store Finds to resell on eBay. As summer approaches everybody wants to look cool in their tight fitting retro tees. T-Shirts usually sell between .99-$2.99 at thrift stores and if you go on half price days JACKPOT!!!!!

Look for vintage team logo shirts and character shirts (jordan, griffey, larry bird, etc.) Championship shirts (for example 1986 Mets, 1991 Bulls) are great sellers.

***You have to be careful with t-shirts, if the material is thin make sure the staples that hold the price tag on the shirt did not cause a hole*** Sometimes it is hard to tell until you get home but it is worth the risk.

As with all thrift store items especially t-shirts check them over 2-3 times before you buy. Check under the arm pits and near the neck for rips.

Check out some of these completed listings. And remember if you find some great vintage sports shirts let me know so I can post about your finds and I will take 50% of all profits for the tip. Just Kidding.

John Paul

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