Friday, May 29, 2009

Auctiva is No Longer Free Starting in July

eBay auction software company Auctiva will no longer offer it's free auction management services starting in July. I currently use Auctiva, but will have to look elsewhere at the end of June. I think the fees are a little too high. I can understand a monthly fee, but when they start charging fees per listing as well it just becomes too much money for a small business. eBay and PayPal fees are already enough for me.

Here are the 5 different Auctiva pricing plans
  • High-Volume Seller

$24.95 month, 1.75% transaction fee, no listing fee, (max fees $250.00/month)

  • Professional Seller

$34.95 month, $.12 listing fee, no transaction fee, (max fees $250.00/month)

  • Big-Ticket Seller

$14.95/month, $.22 listing fee, no transaction fees

  • Part-Time Seller

$9.95/month, $.06 listing fees, 1.00% transaction fees

  • No Monthly Fee Plan

no monthly fee, $.12 listing fee, 1.25% transaction fees

I would like to hear what services other eBayers use as I look for a new one. Post in the comments section. I really only know of The Seller Sourcebook which is $8.00/month. That is probably the front runner right now, but I will check into other options before July.

John Paul



Russell said...

It was a big bummer when Auctiva decided to start charging fees. it is such a great website!

I would be interested to hear what you have switched to.

Great blog by-the-way.

John Paul said...

Thank you, I will try to have 3-4 new blog posts every week to keep it interesting.

I have switched to Ink Frog which charges $9.95/month and I have been extremely happy with the service so far. Very easy to use once you get the hand of it.

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