Friday, July 10, 2009

Thrift Store Item 2 Sell - Men's Ties

I have recently started browsing through ties at the Thrift Store. I use to think that the ties were just a waste of time and a real pain because half of ties would usually slide off the rack on to the floor as I was looking for the labels on the backs of the tie.

But when you think about it most ties can be had for less than $1.99 or $.99 on half price days at the Salvation Army. My thrift store goal is to make at least a $5.00 profit on each eBay sale. So you figure after fees you would need to sell a tie for at least $8.00 depending on the purchase price.

A few pictures plus measuring the length and width of the tie and you are all set to list. Ties are easy to ship using USPS first class mail (less than $2.00 for under 4oz using a small mailer). Shipping internationally will be very inexpensive as well. So there is not much work in packaging the tie and shipping it. Overall very easy to work with ties.

OK so here is what you have been waiting for.
Obviously if you see a Hermes or Louis Vuitton tie grab it and send me a percentage of the sale because you hit the jackpot, but chances are that will not be a common occurrence. So here are some brands that you might find at your local Thrift Store.
  • Thomas Pink
  • Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead)
  • Beatles (yes the British Band)
  • Calvin and Hobbes (yes the newspaper comic strip)
  • Canali
  • Vineyard Vines
  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Ralph Lauren Polo (equestrian and polo bear designs)

I would start the auctions at $7.99 with no reserve and hopefully you will get lucky and get some interest and have the ties go in the $20-$40 range. But still at $7.99 you made a small profit which is better than no profit.

Thanks and Good Luck!!!

John Paul

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