Thursday, July 2, 2009

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

I just received an e-mail from PayPal that a New Item Not Received Dispute Case was opened.

It was opened by a buyer in Taiwan and the item was paid for exactly 8 days ago. What a joke!!! Now the funds are on hold by PayPal. And it gets even better the buyer opened this case after it took him a week to pay for the item.

The item was shipped first class international which even the Postal Service can not give an exact arrival time. According to the USPS website the estimated arrival time varies for first class internationl mail.

With eBay buyers getting away with whatever they want these days (see above for all the sales I lost in the last month because of non-paying bidders under just one of my eBay names) Why should they care? They won't receive negative feedback.
I guess the only solution for items being shipped outside the U.S. is to ship them via Priority Mail International so you can track the item. Though it is far more expensive and will lead to fewer international sales, it might be the our only protection against future disputes and negative feedback.
I still do not get why eBay does not automatically leave negative feedback to non paying bidders. If it a serious reason then the buyer should show proof why they can not pay. I have heard the excuse that my kid went under my account name and bid on this item without my consent already 3 times this year.

John Paul

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duncanidaho said...


I do not think that you can track a USPS Prioity Mail package that is international. You might have to go UPS and even then I am not positive.

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