Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hold on to your Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters

OK, if you are lucky enough to have some Zhu Zhu Hamsters HOLD ON TO THEM. Last week you could use the Buy It Now feature on eBay for a set of 4 for $79.99. Now the cheapest one listed is for $123.99 and they are selling fast at that price. Here is another reason you might want to wait to list them on eBay.

Starting Nov. 16th most of the Zhu Zhu pets sold on Amazon will not be up there which will drive the demand up and turn more buyers to eBay. Here is the part of the e-mail that I received from Amazon where I sold most of the Zhu Zhu hamsters that I had. I bet most people selling the Zhu Zhu hamsters are small sellers and do not meet these requirements.
  • Merchant’s first sale on must be prior to 09/16/2009 (sale does not need to be Toy-specific)
  • Merchant must have processed and shipped at least 25 orders (do not need to be Toy-specific) during the 60 consecutive days preceding 11/1/2009
  • No greater than 1% short term defect rate as of 11/1/2009
  • No greater than 2.5% pre-fulfillment cancel rate for the trailing 30-days preceding 11/1/200(
  • No greater than 5% late shipment rate for the trailing 30-days preceding 11/1/2009:

Last Friday my local Toys R Us store was stacked with them and all the accessories, then they were told to take them down and only sell 1 hamster per person to the first 50 people on Saturday. I don't get it, they change up every week and each store is different with there policies. But if you can find them now, you might want to wait a while before you list them on eBay.
Here is a helpful article about what to sell on eBay around Christmas time.

Good Luck
John Paul

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