Monday, December 29, 2008

Rite Aid After Christmas Deals = Big eBay Money

After reading the latest version of the eBay Selling Coach Hot List I started my search this morning to see if I could find any of the "Hot Items" on the list to resell on eBay. I found 1 item on the list and came across some Holiday Seasonal items not on the list that will make you a nice profit on eBay. Most of the items (listed below) I found at Rite Aid. Living in the NYC area I am never more than 5 minutes away from a Rite Aid. I probably went to 15 different Rite Aids in 3 hours this morning ( I am waiting for the credit card company to call and ask what is wrong with me) and found these items to resell on eBay.
Act Fast On These Items. They will not be re-stocked until next Christmas..

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A Christmas Story Merchandise (marked down 50-75% at Rite Aid's after Christmas Sale)

Here are a few of the items:

-A Christmas Story 20" Leg Lamp (I purchased 8 @ $12.99/each) avg. eBay selling price $41.25

-A Christmas Story Licensed Board Game (purchased 8 @ $9.99/each) avg. eBay selling price $25.08

-A Christmas Story Tea Light Candle Holder (purchased 4 @ $4.99/each) avg selling price on eBay is $18.79

These items are still selling on eBay even after Christmas. If you can hold on to these items until Next Christmas Shopping Season, you might be able to make a higher profit.

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