Monday, January 25, 2010

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OK, this will take some work on your part, but there are deals to be had on the Saks Fifth Avenue website. I would not spend a whole lot of time on this, but if you browse the Sale section you can occasionally find some good deals. Keep reading and I will show you one of the deals that I found, I will also give you an item that is not on sale that you can resell on eBay right now.

Here is my purchase of a Saks San Francisco Snow Globe for $20.00

I sold the item on eBay for $75.00 Buy It Now within a couple of days of listing it.

A nice little profit especially since I used eBates for 5% cash back and qualified for free shipping.

If you go to the Saks website right now the New York City Snow Globe is up for $40.00. This item should go for at least $70.00 on eBay. Click here for eBay Research to check completed items since a NY Globe has not sold in the past 30 days, so you won't find it on eBay. I know one sold a couple of months ago for $70.00 + and I have had an eBay overseas buyer e-mail me asking if I had one to sell.

You can check the Saks website daily for new sales. Items by Eileen Fisher, Juicy Couture and UGG are good sellers on eBay.

John Paul

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