Friday, September 30, 2011

Virtual Online Learning Monthly Blog Challenge

I am very excited to participate in the Blog Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to add 5 new blog posts today (September 30th 2011.) I took the summer off from blogging, but I am back now with a lot to share.

A little info about Virtual-Online-Learning (VOL).

VOL is run by Danna Crawford aka Power Selling Mom. If you are not familiar with Danna, then you should visit her main website Danna is everywhere you look when it comes to eBay. Danna is a member of the eBay Hall of Fame and has almost as many followers on Twitter as some Hollywood celebrities, so she must be doing something right. Click here to follow me on Twitter and help me catch up to Danna.

For a $99.99 LIFETIME membership fee you get so much information. So check it out and enjoy my posts today. As always your comments to my posts make this blog more interesting for everyone and keeps me going. Thank you for your support.

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