Sunday, March 14, 2010

Deal of the Day Site - Citizen Blues

This is a great "daily deal" site that offers huge discounts on designer jeans. You have to act quick, and buy the largest size they have available. The good thing about this site compared to sites like is that once an item sells out they list another right away, no waiting until the next day. Even if you do not buy from this website you should check it out once in a while, I'll explain why below, but first up here's the current deal.That is a pretty sweet deal. 70% off. I know $58.50 is still a pretty expensive risk, but if you list this on eBay for a fixed price of $129.99 and accept best offers, I bet you'll get some offers around $100.00

Even if you do not buy from you can still use it as a research tool. They always have the latest hot brands on there website. You can use this to learn of some new brand names that you might not have heard of before. Write those brands on your thrift store shopping list. I actually found a pair of 1921 jeans on Friday which I will list tonight. I know I have seen them in the past but skipped over them.

Good Luck

John Paul

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The Retrench Report said...

thanks for the tip on this site. sounds great! i'll keep my eye on it.

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