Friday, April 2, 2010

New eBay Fees

I have a couple of eBay user ids and after looking at the new eBay fee structure for about an hour I am still pretty confused. How many times can you change something. I am waiting for eBay to start their own shipping company that you MUST use to ship your items. So they will get the eBay fees, PayPal fees, and then shipping costs.

They thing that annoys me about the new fees that I don't quite get is if you do not pay for a store subscription and you sell an item for a high price (say $10,000) you will be charged a max final value fee of $50.00. But is you own say a basic store the final value fee would be around $222. The eBay fee illustrator will help you break down the best options for your eBay selling needs. GOOD LUCK!!!

I would like to write more about the new fees, but honestly I would confuse both of us. What are your thoughts on the new fees? Will you go with an eBay store subscription?

Good Luck

John Paul

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Anonymous said...

I think they stink! I sold some items for $250 each and it cost me $19.99 to sell before the rate raise. Now it is going to cost a flat 9% of final price. But you get free listing under a dollar. Whoopee. Hope it doesn't last long...Thanks for the blog!

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