Sunday, May 9, 2010

White Castle Candle Update

After originally purchasing 8 White Castle candles on Saturday afternoon, I picked up the last 7 that my local White Castle had today. I sold all 15 within 24 hours at a price of $28.99

Not bad for the amount of work put in so far, (the real work will be shipping them all on Monday) I made a profit of $11.25 on each candle x 15 = $168.75. Luckily I have a large supply of 6x4x3 boxes and the candles fit in perfectly and weigh 12oz. Perfect because I offered Free Shipping and can ship them First Class instead of Priority.

You need to take advantage of things like this in the future. This was perfect because not every state has a White Castle and once they sold out online of course people were going to turn to eBay to buy them.

Just like Championship editions of Newspapers. When the Yankees won the World Series last year, copies of NY newspapers were selling for $8-$10.00 each on eBay. Not a bad return on a paper that cost just .50 cents.

So keep an eye out for things specific to your local area that someone else might not be able to get in their own hometown.

Come back tomorrow for my Cell phone Find of the week and I am working on a possible new item that is coming out that might be a good seller on eBay, but not 100% sure yet. I will post on that during the week after a little more research.

Good Luck

John Paul

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