Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Time is NOW to sell those PINK items on eBay

The time is NOW to list something "Pink" on eBay and donate to a Susan G. Komen Affiliate from YOUR area!

eBay sellers can list items supporting the cause directly on the "Sell your Item" form just below where you enter in your Starting price. 

Notice: CharityeBay Giving Works!

If you do NOT see this on your "Sell Your Item" form then your settings need to be adjusted.
To adjust your settings simply visit the yellow bar above the starting price box that reads:   
Choose how you'd like to sell your item! Then click on the words beside it reading:  
Add or Remove options
A new window will open and check the box below : Donate percentage of sale -->
Give a percentage of the final sale price to a non-profit organization

Once you are ready to donate a percent of your listing to a nonprofit I suggest you find a local Susan G. Komen affiliate from your area! To locate one from the Sell Your Item form, above the Donation percentage click on "select another nonprofit you love!"
The easiest way to save TIME finding an affiliate is to type in the word: Susan, Check the box blow and find your state. Leave all the other boxes alone and then click on SEARCH :

Now you can easily list your PINK items to help support this cause YEAR round in addition to right now during this worldwide event as we all try to find a cure for this horrible disease.

NOTE: if you are a nonprofit feel free to contact me and I will help you get your nonprofit registered with eBay Giving Works so you too can be listed in the master directory.
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