Thursday, March 24, 2011

eBates Daily Double - 123 Inkjets 36% Cash Back

Today's eBates Daily Double is a really good one if you plan on selling a lot of eBay items in the future. You will need a lot of ink to print off those shipping labels. And if you you don't need a lot of ink because you still bring your packages to the post office then you will still need a lot of ink to type the words I am wasting my time by going to the Post Office to drop off packages 1000 times a day. That is your punishment.

So head over to eBates and if you are not a member sign up here. Once you sign up you must go through the eBates home page and click on the 123 Inkjets store. That is the only way you will receive your 36% cash back. Plus they are offering an extra 15% off select ink and free shipping on orders over $55.00. So stack up on bunch of ink today.

Plus you can also get cash back through eBates on your eBay purchases. So sign up below or you are just throwing away free money.

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