Sunday, February 8, 2009

Woot Deal of the Day.

The deal of the day for Sunday 2/8/09 is a

VEXplorer RC Robotic Construction System
$79.99 + $5 shipping

I would take a shot to pick up at least one to resell on eBay.

These are selling on eBay for at least $130.00 and a lot of 2 for $249.00

Click Here to see the Completed Listings

Hurry over before they are all gone. Woot has a cult following and the good items tend to go fast.

John Paul

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anajz said...

I love Woot! DH made fun of me because I once purchased two Black and Decker battery charges for $19.95 from them, but he has since apologized. Seems he ends up using them a couple of times a week at least. Just wish I had thought about buying more to resell. Seems we have several friends who have paid $39.95 for ONE. That would have been a tidy profit. :)

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