Friday, February 13, 2009

Target Clearance - TMX Cookie Monster

TMX Cookie Monster on Clearance at and in stores. for $14.94

This is selling on eBay U.K. between $32.00-$37.00 USD with not much competition. It is an easy way to double your money which in these tough economic times is a hard thing to do. ***Make sure you put Elmo's Friend in the title to get more hits for people looking for the more popular TMX Elmo.***

For an even bigger profit, take a chance and try this:

Lot of 3 TMX Dolls
  1. Elmo
  2. Cookie Monster
  3. Ernie

are selling for $49.99 plus shipping on eBay.

Turn around and sell the same lot on eBay U.K. for $89.99 USD. Still a nice profit after fees.

John Paul

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