Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saks Fifth Avenue Snow Globes

I did really well with these Saks Snow Globes in January. I purchased them online from during there After Christmas Sale I paid between $20.00-$28.00/each and made some real nice profits. There are Saks Snow Globes for many of the U.S. cities that Saks has a store in. The 3 highest selling globes on eBay are Washington D.C., Boston, and NYC.

The price online has gone back up to $40.00, but you might be able to find these cheaper at a Saks Retail Store if you live in one of those 3 cities. Or try Saks Off Fifth Outlet Stores.

Still at $40.00 (D.C., Boston, NYC) should net you a nice profit with D.C. being the highest. (I sold D.C. for $91.00). Check the Saks website daily and type in snow globes. They seem to restock and run out of the NYC one quite often and the Boston one is up there right now. I saw the D.C. one last week.

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John Paul


Bliss Jones said...

Hello, Maybe you can help me and I hope you will not mind my asking.
As a collector II am asking if you or anyone else can help me learn what is the name of the tune that the Atlanta globe plays? It would be wonderful to know what song this is??? I just cannot for the life of me figure it out.I have tried calling Saks which was not helpful either.I appreciate any help.
Thank You!

John Paul said...

I did a search and did not find anything helpful. I will keep an eye out. I am sure it will appear on eBay someday and hopefully the person will know the song and add it to the description.

Yimi said...

Hi, I'm looking for the Saks SF snow globe--the one the sold most recently w/the square base. Thanks!

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