Thursday, July 23, 2009

Try .99¢ Auctions For A Higher Profit

eBay is weird like this, but if you have an unsold item that you expected to sell for at least $4.99, and you started it at that price, re-list it for .99¢ the next time around. It happens to me all the time with clothing that I have sold. One of my items goes unsold at $4.99 and then when I list it starting at .99¢ the item sells for much higher. Here are some of my own recent examples.

Now don't expect the item to sell for d$150.00 bucks. But at least you sold the item and now you can move on to something else and make a few bucks instead of losing a few. Plus hopefully you'll get some positive feedback and maybe a new customer who will follow your future auctions.
John Paul

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