Monday, February 15, 2010

Design Your Own Product 2 Sell on eBay

You might be thinking I'm not creative enough or artistic enough to make my own products to sell. It's just not true. And if you are too busy you probably know someone who you can form a partnership with by taking care of the eBay part of the business while they make the products. Here is some examples that might get your started in the right direction.

OK first up is this custom made lamp that I made which actually sold on Amazon for $60.00

Nothing crazy. It cost me about $18.oo to make (die cast model, shade, lamp parts and a log that I got for free from my property in upstate NY)

People create all kinds of automobile related items to sell on eBay. Check out these car die cast key chains offered from one seller.

Here is another interesting idea that I love.

Custom made party invitations. Sports, Movies, Music etc.

It was hard for me to post the Yankees as an example because I'm a Mets Fan, but the Yankees are a more popular team worldwide and they sell better. You can create invitations for the hot trend at the time. I would say Justin Bieber is popular with the little ones now.

Door Wreaths:

Silk Floral Wreaths are excellent sellers on eBay consistently selling for $75.00 and up

They are not that hard to make if you have a good eye. A grapevine wreath some silk flowers and a decoration for the center. All sold at Michael's. I would recommend creating a few wreaths first, it might take a little while to build up a following, but once you do you might have a successful wreath design business.

Good Luck

John Paul

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Rae said...

Custom made party invitations are a great idea! My daughter got John Deere invitations for our grandson's first birthday party on eBay. A little imagination goes a long way, doesn't it?

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