Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thrift Store Find of the Month - Feb. 2010

Steven Alan Plaid Flannel Shirt

--Purchased for: $3.00 (half price day at Salvation Army)
--Sold for: $59.00
Total Profit before fees $56.00

Take a moment to add the name Steven Alan to thrift store shopping list. (I am working on a very detailed Thrift Store shopping List of hundreds of brands broken down by category, sign up to my mailing list and be notified when it become available)
Here is a close up of a Steven Alan Tag, memorize it.

Got it memorized?...Good...... So when you go through the racks at your thrift store and you find one, you'll be ready for a nice payday.

I only like to talk about thrift store items that I have found on multiple occasions. I am not the world's luckiest person finding items like this; they are out there. Here is another one of my recent Steven Alan auctions.

Good Luck,
John Paul


Cotie said...

anxiously awaiting the full list. One thing I noticed in researching that brand is that also in the titles was "45RPM".

Will you continue to post Flannel shirts in the spring and summer?

Great blog here. I've been selling books since 2000 but now want to diversify and I've found your blog the best so far, for learning what else to look for.

John Paul - Vitamin eBay said...

Thank you for the compliment...
I will continue to look for flannel shirts throughout the year but will hold off on listing the very heavy ones until the Fall rolls around.
One item that I would look for all year but hold off on listing until November/December are tacky Christmas sweaters. I will be writing a post about this very soon with more information.
I think because 45RPM clothing resembles Steven Alan, sellers add Steven Alan to the title for clothing made by 45RPM and vice versa because people who actually know these brands search for both.

Moriah Barach said...

John Paul -

Thanks so much for posting your tips and info. This past week was my first to sell on eBay. I would love to know when your full list is available, or be on your mailing list...however it works. :)

In the past I have consigned or resold on Craigslist, but I'm hoping that eBay will work for me. I'm still trying to figure out so many aspects of the eBay world, and the info I need is scattered hither and yon, so I'm slowly piecing it together. The fees seem very high to me (FVF especially!), so I think I need to know what not to list in order to not eat into my profit.

Anyway, hope to hear from you.

Best Regards,
Moriah B.

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