Friday, April 9, 2010

eBay Shipping & Handling Charges DSRs

I think we should start a petition and get the shipping & handling charges DSR rating removed from eBay. Not that eBay will listen to it's buyers but something needs to be done.

Buyers are AWARE of the shipping charges before they bid. If they think they are too high then Do Not Bid. I don't get it. I always charge exact shipping costs based on the weight and using the eBay shipping calculator. How is my shipping & handling DSR 4.7 which is keeping me from being a top rated seller. I need that 20% discount with these new eBay Final Value Fees.

Also the postage amount is hidden on the packages I send out. Are these buyers who give me a low shipping & handling DSR weighing the package when they get it and checking the rates out.

John Paul

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Cotie said...

I was having a similar experience. I use delivery confirmation on everything I ship, but I wasn't adding an extra charge to the ebay calculator to cover the D.C. charge.
And, my DSR was 4.8 meaning I was getting some lower ratings on shipping charge, even though I was not only charging the exact fee, it was costing me money with the DC.
So, I felt if they are going to give me less then 5.0 anyway, I might as well add .35 to .50 to my shipping to cover D.C.
Now my DSR is 4.9.

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