Monday, May 3, 2010

Cell Phone Find of the Week #8

Marlboro Classics Leather Belt

Purchased for $1.99
Sold for $23.48
Profit after eBay fees $$18.01 (almost doubled my goal of $10.00 profit per item)

I almost passed up on this one. I have never checked the belt display rack before and as I was leaving the thrift store the belt buckle caught my eye. I proceeded to checkout and when I got to my car, I decided to run a search on my cell phone for Marlboro Classic Belts.

I found that these belts were not big sellers in the U.S. but new ones are listed on the eBay U.K. site and they retail for £145. So I went back into the store and took a shot. And guess where the winning bidder lives? The United Kingdom.

If you are not shipping internationally, you are missing out on millions of potential buyers. 15-20% of my sales are overseas. People in Europe & Asia love vintage clothing and American brand jeans.

Good Luck,

John Paul

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