Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thrift Store Find of the Month - April 2010

Rock & Republic Men's Jeans
Purchased for $4.00
Sold for $78.00

The jeans rack is always my first stop when I enter a Thrift Store. In my experience the likelihood of finding a high end pair of jeans that will net you a big profit beats anything else you will typically find at a Thrift Store. Click here to view my highest thrift store find so far.

I was on a roll at the end of March beginning of April finding about 2-3 pairs of Rock & Republic Jeans a week. I had to re list this pair due to a non-paying bidder, but they sold for the exact same price when I re-listed.

***There are a lot of Rock & Republic fakes out there***

Familiarize yourself with what to look for before you head out thrifting next time, because counter fitters have done a good job for the untrained eye to tell the difference between real & fake. Once you know what to look for you will be confident that you purchased a 100% authentic pair. Here are a couple of good guides for R&R Jeans:

Good Luck

John Paul

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Elisav said...

NICE!! Awesome find. You're a lot more resourceful than I am, I usually hit the factory stores and settle for much lower margins.

Cotie said...

I sold my first pair of Jeans last week. Mine were also Rock & Republic. Problem is, I listed them as womens Jeans because I found them in the ladies section at the thrift store.
And I didn't realize certain Jeans had names. My Jeans should have been listed as Taylor. The buyer was very nice, gave me some good advise and has returned them.
So, tonight they are going back up and hopefully this time they will sale for better than the $46 they sold for last time. I paid about $5
on Senior day at the thrift store.
Also, I have just found a pair of Citizens of Humanity which I will post tonight. Conflicting info from the ebay guide versus the site you listed for authentication,
for the Humanity brand.

John Paul - Vitamin eBay said...


It is a lot harder to tell the difference between mens & womens Rock & Republic jeans than most of the other higher end jean brands. Typically there are lowercase letters on the tag such at 'hnlkr' I type those letters in Google along with the words Rock Republic and you will usually find out more info about the style and wether they are mens or womens.

For the COH jeans(Citizens of Humanity) I have found dozens of pairs in the past. They are def. harder to authenticate then most. I have also noticed there are a lot of knockoffs out there. Probably the most out of any brand I have come across.

First I go by the the silver security strip on the inside size tag. If the strip is clean and straight I then look at the big scripted h on the back pocket. Make sure it does not end above the little h tag on the back right pocket ( I know some do not have the little h on the back right pocket).
Do not worry about wether there is original cobrax or h engraved in the back inside button. If the first 2 things check out then you should be good. I do feel a little better when it has original cobrax. Out of every real pair that I have found each one has the original cobrax, but I have sold real ones with the h. But the h is more typical on fakes.

I know that was confusing, if you want to e-mail me some pics I might be able to help out some more.

Anonymous said...

Hooked. I found your blog Friday and hit 2 thrift stores Saturday morning. Bought several pairs of designer jeans (looks like 1 of 2 TR's I found are fake they fit my wife though and she doesnt care)

I am now photographing and listing them on eBay. Do you have advice on getting that first sale? I have a brand new account and am listing 10 pairs of designer jeans. =)

Should I set a low BIN to get the ball rolling? I only have $10 in the most expensive and $2.98 in a pair of Evisu. I see the dollar signs and want those, but I know there is long term money to be had once I get rolling.

Thrift Flipping is addictive. I have 2 great thrift stores within walking distance of the house and I stop in the best one of them at least once a day.

I always buy Levis for myself at thrift stores. I saw this crazy pair of jeans the 2 weeks ago while looking for a pair of Silver Tabs. Little did I know that the cool looking Red Monkey jeans are slightly more valuable.

Once I realized what they were, I sped back to the store and bought the RMC. They are too small for me so they are on eBay.


P.S. With the proceeds of the first sale I am buying your What to Look For book.

P.P.S. Your $10 rule is good. I am looking at doing it with a twist with lower end jeans.

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