Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

I'm back and looking forward to making 2011 the best eBay year ever. For my loyal followers I apologize for the lack of posts over the last few months of 2010. My wife and I just moved into our first home in October in a completely new area and I have pretty much been a Full-Time Stay at Home Dad while we have been settling in. Between taking care of our 7 month old boy all day and working on the house and my eBay Consignment Business I have had little time left to thrift and write about my Thrift Store Finds. And I honestly did not want to post a bunch of junk or affiliate links just to have some content on my blog. So hopefully I still have some people checking in once in a while because I am going to try and get up a minimum 3 new posts a week in the new year.

A good way to start off the new year is by checking out one of my older posts from September 2010 about my Top 10 Thrift Store Tips. I needed to go over these again myself since I have not stepped foot in a Thrift Store for quite a while now. I really miss it, the thrill of finding something that you know will bring in a nice profit is a great feeling.

Good Luck,

John Paul

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