Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Setting eBay Goals

My eBay business is much more productive when I set goals. I know selling on eBay is very unpredictable and 1 week I can have a bunch of new consignment clients and 50 new thrift store finds. So for me it is hard to set goals far in advance, but I find that I get a lot more done when I set goals for the day or even for the upcoming week. One example is yesterday I participated in eBay Power Listing Day "PLD" Challenge on Virtual Online Learning. My goal was 15-20 new listings of old items that I had lying around. I beat my goal for the day and listed 21 items from scratch in about 3.5 hours.

If I didn't start my day with a goal in mind I might have listed a few items then jumped to something else then started researching new ways to make money on eBay. Too much wasted time and by the end of the day I would of felt like I didn't accomplished much. So for 2011 try and set at least 1 goallllllll for each day and challenge yourself to meet that goal.

Here are a few listings from my fellow Virtual Online Members who participated in the PLD Challenge. As you can see by their feedback rating they take eBay seriously. So check out the listings below if not to bid at least to see how sucessful eBay sellers list.

Good Luck,
John Paul

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elegantKB said...

Great point about motivation and focus. Sorry I missed PLD this month. But no reason why I can't make my own day and set a goal. Good luck with all those listings Jean Paul!

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