Thursday, January 8, 2009

My eBay Goals for '09

Here are my eBay plans/goals for 2009. I figure if I write them down on my blog I will never lose them and can always refer back to them to make sure I stay on track. 2009 is the make it or break it year for this being a full time venture. It's exciting!!!!!!

Make a Schedule
-I need to stick to a daily schedule in 2009. I find myself jumping around from one thing to the next way too often. Before I know it, it's 9pm and I feel like I didn't accomplish everything I should have during the day and my wife is wishing that eBay would suspend my account. (knock on wood)

"Just Say No"
- Learn to say No on listing certain consignment items ($49.99 or less) and concentrate on more quality consignment items. (it takes up too much time listing items that net such little profit)

Advertise More
-In the past year I pretty much only advertised on Craigslist and various other free websites. (Consignment Pal, eBay Trading assistant website). This year I will spend some money on smaller newspaper advertisements and flyer's. My goal is 2-3 new clients a week with quality merchandise. If I could average $150 commission per new client a week along with the wholesale merchandise and amazon sales it could be a good year.

Garage Sales & Estate Sales
-In every eBay related book that I have read and there has been a lot of them (I'm not sure why because every eBay book pretty much has the same topics) I always read about the profits that can be made at Garage and Estate Sales. Well this year I will put it to the test. I will try to go to at least 2 estate/garage sales a month. I will post my findings here on the blog.

Stop Wasting Time Reading Negative eBay Comments
-Stop wasting time and getting caught up in reading why everyone hates eBay and how bad the treat sellers. I know the fees are high, but I choose to sell on eBay because it is still the world's best auction website.

What are every one's eBay resolutions for 2009? Whatever they are Good Luck in achieving them.


goooooood girl said...

your blog is so good......

anajz said...

Have missed your posting. Hope all is okay and you are not snowed in.

John Paul said...

Yeah was snowed in for a while, sick, now I am in the process of moving, and Lost starts again tomorrow night, so much to do so little time. I will be posting again starting in Feb once my move is complete.

anajz said...

Glad to hear that you are okay. We have been fighting illness here at our place. Has made the complete rounds and I am the last one to be down with it.

Have you chosen a winner for your eBay gift card? You really had a lot of traffic to that post. Wow! I have given away items before, but I never had THAT many responses.

Good luck on your move!

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