Monday, March 23, 2009

Auction Bump Websites..

I see these Auction Bump websites showing up everywhere these days. It's basically free advertising for your eBay auctions. You upload an image, add your auction title, & item number and it stays on the website until it is bumped off. Are these auction bump websites really worth the time?

I know it is free advertising which can never hurt, but I feel that everyone going to these sites just wants to bump there own auctions and get the heck out of there, or is that just me who does that.

Speaking of free advertising check out this adorable Rothschild Girls Coat that I just listed.


Danna Crawford said...

1st let me say DARLING Jacket :-)
And about the Auction Bump ... Yes I'm sure some do bump and run but thats OK because I do have regular shoppers of my bump I know this because of my EPN stats so I know that people are shopping by clicking on the items that people BUMP!
Some sites are busy and some are not but you CAN NOT GO WRONG with the ORIGINAL Auction Bump! Created by Mr.Bump, home of the he ROCKS the net with is bumps!!!

John Paul said...

Thanks for the input, which is greatly appreciated coming from such an established eBayer. I always make sure I post to first.

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