Friday, July 31, 2009

Follow Up to My .99 Cent Post

If you have not been listing your unsold items at .99 check this out.
  • Item went unsold starting at $4.99
  • Re-listed at $.99 and sold for $26.00

John Paul


Jean said...

Great idea, I hadn't thought about starting at .99 cent. If an item does not sell I usually list for 30 days at $0.35. I'm going to try .99 cent today, thanks!

Jean said...

Hi John,

I tried the $0.99 starting price and it does work for items that did not sell when listed before. A few of the items ended up selling for $0.99 but a couple sold for more than my 30 day fixed price. All in all, I was happy because I got rid of everything that did not sell previously. Thanks for the tip!


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