Monday, September 28, 2009

Mark Sanchez NY Jets Jersey - Hot on eBay

The New York Jets are off to a 3-0 start after a big win against the Tennessee Titans. Fans are excited about their rookie quarterback and the possibility of bringing them to glory just like Broadway Joe Namath did in 1969.

Jets QB Mark Sanchez jerseys are hot right now on eBay. Out of one thousand,six-hundred and ninety-six current NFL players, eBay has a Mark Sanchez jersey displayed when you visit the Sports Memorabilia, Cards and Fan section of the worlds most popular auction web site. Upon doing a completed items search, the sell through rate on Sanchez Jerseys is very high with only a few jerseys going unsold.

So what does this mean for eBay sellers? If the Jets stay hot and the Mark Sanchez fan base builds up across the country, this jersey will be hard to find around the holidays meaning it could bring in big bucks on eBay at Christmas time. As much as Jets fans dislike Brett Favre, we can only hope he becomes as popular as him. Brett Favre is currently the most searched term in the NFL section of eBay.

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