Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reselling Thrift Store A&F / Hollister T-Shirts in Lots

I originally posted a video about this a while back and I have put my idea to the test and had very good results.

Here is a link to the original video:

and now 2 of my recent completed auctions trying this idea out. You will not be able to retire doing this, but it is some extra income and some more items to add to your Thrift Store Shopping List.

Remember all shirts were purchased between .50-$1.99 on half price days at the Thrift Store. So as you can see a nice little profit for T-Shirts, a very under appreciated section of the Thrift Store.

Some tips on pulling this off:

  • Bigger sizes tend to do better XL/XXL.

  • Do not pass up on shirts with cool graphics and funny sayings.

  • Set a budget price of $2.00 per shirt.

  • Start auctions at .99

Good Luck

John Paul

*For some items to look for in the T-Shirt section at the Thrift Store check out my eBook*

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