Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Top 10 Thrift Store Shopping Tips

The final post of the day #5. Bad weather in NYC, my wife was stuck in traffic for over 3 hours and we have a 4 month old so I am just getting this post up in time.

Here is a list of my Top 10 Thrift Store Shopping Tips:

1. Download an eBay application to your cell phone. You will come across thousands of brands that you have never heard of and you will have a hunch that it will be a good seller. It's important to be able to check eBay completed items right on the spot to see if it is worth buying. Most thrift stores do not accept returns.
2. Check the kid’s section for adult clothing. I have found so many high end Women’s jeans in the kids section because they look so small. Also a good section to look for cycling jerseys and vintage t-shirts that may have shrunk over time. Plus it doesn’t hurt to find a pair of True Religion kid’s jeans.
3. Bring a tape measure with you. It is important to be able to measure jeans. Jeans with a longer inseam are more sought after. Unless it is really high end pair (example True Religion) try and stay with an inseam of 30” and over.
4. Check the items that you are interested in near a window before buying. If you look at the clothing in natural daylight you will have a better chance of seeing stains especially on dark color clothing.
5. Make yourself aware of half price days. This is a no brainer. Most thrift stores will offer a half price day or a half off that color tag for the day.
6. Ship clothing items in tear proof poly mailers. You will save on the weight if you use these instead of using a box. You can purchase them in bundles on eBay for around .12 each. It is a good investment.
7. If possible ship jeans domestically in priority flat rate envelopes. It will lessen the shipping costs for people who live on the opposite coast then you.
8. Visit websites like to familiarize yourself with high end brands. You will definitely come across knockoff items. If you know what to look for you will limit the chances that you purchase a fake item. Also check out the reviews and guides section of eBay for advice.
9. Do not mix business with pleasure. If you are going to be serious about reselling thrift store items on eBay, do not start shopping for yourself while at the store. Set a goal and go for it.
10. Be Patient. You will have some down days, but trust me the longer you do this and the more you learn you will eventually be flying through the racks finding items that will bring you good money.


You might want to start a new eBay user id to sell your thrift store finds. Make it a clothing only store and you will get a good following if you offer unique items and offer great service. Offer incentives for repeat buyers like free shipping or a discount off their next purchase.

Good Luck

John Paul


Danna Crawford said...

GREAT tips!!! Thanks for posting these!

Anonymous said...

These are GREAT tips~!! Just in time for Fall, too - I've found some excellent vintage coats in our thrift stores here. Love the tip to bring a tape measure~! You're on it~!
Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies

Leah said...

I usually shy away from clothing in the thrift stores because I don't know where to start. Thanks to you I will give it a try. Great info!

Cindy said...

Great tips. I am not a clothing shopper but now could kick myself when I saw six cycling jerseys. I passed on them because they were five dollars a piece. Maybe I need to research.

Can you talk about terapeak and is it worth the cost. I swear by the eBay selling app on my iPhone but it is only 15 pr 30 days completed items.

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