Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thrift Store Item 2 Sell - Dinnerware

Every thrift store in my area always has a bunch of dinnerware items in stock. I admit it is not the first area I go to when I walk into a Thrift Store, but I have been ending my visits in that section and have come across some great finds. I have added pictures of some of those finds below.

Plates are usually just stacked in bunches so it takes some time to carefully look through the plates because you don't want to be that person who breaks something because you know every body in the store will turn to look at you. Dinnerware items are usually marked on the bottom. This is where you have to be prepared by researching before you go or by using your eBay app on your cell phone.

A few names you should look for are Fire-King, Fiestaware, Russel Wright. Sometimes you just need to take a shot on something that looks unique to you. I did some researching of my own and found this auction to be interesting. That is an idea of something you might never think of if you saw it but why not take a shot.

Here are those completed items that I found thrifting. Great profit as these items were between .99-$2.99 each.
Good Luck,

John Paul


elegantKB said...

I love reading about thrift deals sold on eBay! Thanks for sharing. Glad you are part of Virtual Online blog challenge too.

Catherine Guhl said...

Thanks for sharing your thrift finds. I need to go more to thrift stores here in Alameda, CA to see if there are any great buys. Thanks for participating in the challenge.

Cindy said...

A score on the west point military plates. I sold a set with the pictures on them for over $1000 a few years ago. Grab anything from west point if it is reasonable. Since you are in new York. Mcsorley'S pub items sell well. Okay I might be your buyer but it is a hint to look for them.

Cindy Sorley.

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