Thursday, September 16, 2010

Looking For Guest Bloggers.

Since we are in the middle of a Blogger Challenge, I figure now is a great time to look for Guest Bloggers.

If you would like to be a Guest Blogger send me an e-mail to or leave a comment below. Blog posts should be eBay related. It could even be an old post from your own blog.

Some ideas that my readers would love are:
  • Thrift Store / Garage Sale Finds
  • Where to find Items to Sell on eBay
  • eBay Shipping Tips
  • eBay Time Management
  • Your Own Tips & Tricks

Of course you can include links back to your blog, web-site or eBay store. So it will be great exposure to new readers.

John Paul


Danna Crawford said...

Hello and yes I think I had mentioned before I would write a post now and then for you! Sign me up :-)

papel1 said...

This blog challenge is fun. I love the 5 tips you gave for topics to write about.

Rae said...

I'd love to contribute--I'll send a private email. Love your blog--it's fun to read! I heard about it from someone else (was it Danna? or may-be it was on FaceBook?)
-Rae in Nebraska

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