Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ralph Lauren - Double RL (RRL)

The Ralph Lauren Company is made up of a variety of brands, the first was Polo launched in 1967. Other brands include the Purple Label, Black Label, Ralph Lauren Golf and many more. The moust sought after Ralph Lauren brand on eBay is the Double RL brand (RRL). The clothing line for males only is mostly western wear and very rugged. It is inspired by Ralph's massive ranch in Telluride, CO.

RRL is only sold in RRL stores and select high end Ralph Lauren boutiques. The prices are very high so this is not an item you will find very easily, but I have had some luck especially recently as shown by my recent RRL completed auctions. Spent about $60.00 total on these items, not a bad profit as I made back my original investment with the sale of 1 pair of jeans. (click on the pictures for a larger view)

Something to be aware of if you find a pair of RRL jeans. A lot of the jeans are meant to look worn and distressed. So if you find a pair with holes or even dirt spots on it they were probably meant to be that way. So don't pass them up because you think they are damaged, trust me they will sell.

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John Paul

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