Friday, December 19, 2008

eBay Needs a New System

This feedback system is starting to get to me. I am getting tired of worrying about every little thing because I have no say. I think after 8+ years and a feedback score of 1742 with no negatives I've earned the right to be a trusted seller and to rate other eBay buyers who have a feedback score of 1.

4 non paying bidders in November.

7 so far in December.
and what really just got me is someone telling me that the shipping costs seem a little steep I need to lower them.
  • a) you knew the shipping costs before you went and outbid other buyers.
  • b) it is the actual shipping cost charged by USPS, how the heck do you want me to lower them.
So you say I can request my Final Value Fee back. What does that do for me when the item is a consignment item and my customer is asking me how is it possible to buy something and not pay. Yeah I am sure they want to give me more stuff after they hear that. Cmon eBay... I think I will try that this weekend. I will go to Best Buy and try to buy something, but tell them I will think about paying.

How about eBay gives there own negative comment to every buyer who doesn't pay for there auction.


Catherine said...

I think there should be a designation of "non-payer." There was no other dispute because the bidder did't pay to begin with! Then everyone else can avoid the non-paying bidder.

anajz said...

I was just going off about the feedback system to an ebay agent only two short days ago. I had called to get help with a seller filing a non-paying bidder on me, AFTER they refunded my money for sending me the wrong item. (It turned out to be an ugly transaction.)
There are so many problems with the feedback system. As a buyer on this transaction, I felt I could not leave honest feedback because the seller would retaliate and leave a nasty comment as a follow up (as was noted in looking in her "feedback left for others". I have 100% positive and just didn't want any "trash talk" left on my feedback.
As a seller, I am fed up with this star system. During the Christmas rush, I upgraded a buyers package-even after their 7 day delay in paying-to priority. It was a collectible, breakable item that had to be packaged very carefully with ample bubblewrap....say $2-3 worth. I charged $5.85 for shipping, but in the spirit of the holiday-I decided to upgrade as a kind the cost of $8.55. Well, I am not certain what star level she handed out, but I dropped an entire point.
To beat that, recently I had a buyer email her feedback policy to me, saying she would not leave feedback until I did so. When I looked at the feedback she had left for others, she accused someone of feedback extortion. Go figure!
This is a really long comment...especially since it is my first, but the feedback stuff just burns me up! :)

Crystal @ The Thrifty Mama said...

I couldn't agree more. I have stopped selling on Ebay because of this very reason. Every so often I will sell one or two things, and of course it never fails to have some kind of issue with buyers. I'm done with them.

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